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Inviting a Guest Blogger to Write for Your Website

We all know how much value is added to your website by having unique and new content added on a regular basis. It is absolute gold for your site, both in terms of reaching your valued clients and in keeping search engines happy.   Blogging is an excellent way to keep your website alive and kicking […]

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Five Common mistakes that take the Oomph from your website content

The content on your website is vitally important and not just because you have spent ages writing it.  It’s the content of your site that engages potential clients and repeat customers. It is the content that contributes to keeping you high in the search rankings with Google.  Easy functionality is essential. Zippy Design is important, […]

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Moving your Website or Blog to a new domain name

There are lots of reasons why you might want to move your website to a new domain name. Perhaps you have had a revamp, rebrand or a change of focus in your business and the domain name is no longer relevant. An acronym may have seemed like a good idea in the past, but they […]

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Seasonality | Making the Most of your Digital Marketing Budget

The term, Seasonality, is often used by marketing professionals and typically describes a set of recurring sales increases as a result of the changing needs of customers. As the calendar year unfolds, the way we live our lives changes in regular patterns, whether we like it or not. Understanding these changes and predicting when they […]

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Instagram for business

7 Top Tips for an Instagram business page

Do you have the perfect ‘Insta’? Instagram is the most visual of all the social media platforms, and one of the most opportune when it comes to social media marketing for business. It is where people come to be inspired, to inspire and to discover new things that interest them. This includes products & services […]

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Hootsuite tutorial

A quick guide to setting up & using Hootsuite

What is Hootsuite? Hootsuite is a “Social Media Management System”, under the free version you can have 3 social media platforms and schedule up to 30 messages at any one time. It comes equipped with a dashboard for each platform also, so you can see a stream of information at once.  Managing your businesses multiple […]

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Graphic Design Process

Graphic Design Brief

So, you have decided you need a new website design. You have done your research and picked a website developer (like us). Now it’s time to design it. No matter whether it is a brand-new website or a re-design, there are certain aspects that your graphic designer will want to discuss with you before the […]

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Better Customer Relations = Better Bottom Line Profits

Did you know an increase of 5% in customer retention can give a jump up in profits of 25%. We live our lives in a faster than ever before environment, and having thick skin has become an everyday wear, rather than being reserved for special occasions. Our new battlefront ensemble has raised our expectations of […]

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