professional Car Photography

Taking professional car images for your dealership.

The digital landscape of car dealerships has changed massively in the past ten years. Your car showroom is now online, laptops, phones and tablets are now the first port of call for the new & used car buyer.   The online marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive as car dealers are constantly upping their game to […]

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The Confessions of a Procrastinator

“Never Put Off Till Tomorrow What You Can Do The Day After Tomorrow Just As Well” Congratulations you have just gotten the keys to your new website!  All you have left to do is add some pictures and content and we are good to go.  Sound familiar?   Unfortunately for many people this is where […]

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What Rugby taught me about Digital Marketing!

As disciplines go, you can be forgiven for believing there is very little in common between the sport of rugby and digital marketing in 2018. After all what has 15 brutish men battling over the forlorn oval ball got to with driving online sales and enquiries anyway? Well from my experience, more than you might […]

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Domain names are a new hot commodity – Hang on to yours!

There are two important things which support your website in the cyber world. One is website hosting.  The space that your site takes up.  Hosting with a trusted provider is essential for peace of mind and for a confident web presence.  But the website must also be found easily. Domain names are the other vital […]

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Searching the Web | Dmac Media SEO

{Video} How to Improve your Organic Ranking!

  Help your customers find you online with this helpful video. Dave McEvoy explores five quick and simple things you can work on to help improve your websites organic ranking. From optimising your page titles to improving your internal links, enacting these changes on your website will help you gain rank on search engines like […]

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Searching calendars on a mobile phone

Help – I can’t find my new website on Google

Having recently launched a new website, you can be forgiven for sitting back and taking a much deserved break. All your hard work creating unique content, gathering relevant imagery, and liaising with your web designer have all come to pass and now you have a great looking website that showcases your business to the world. […]

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{Video} What is Cyber Squatting and how to avoid it

Have you ever heard of Cyber Squatting?   We’re going to guess the term cyber squatting is relatively new to you, but the practice of cyber squatting has been around for many years and the victims of such practice are far and wide. To learn more about Cyber Squatting and to save your business from […]

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Google Shopping Featured Image | Dmac Media

Google Shopping – What is it?

Over the past number of years, Irish Internet users will have noticed distinct changes in the layout and content showcased on Google Search Results Pages. From news articles to integrated maps, search results pages in 2018 are a far cry from their early 00’s predecessors. The latest addition to the search results pages in Ireland […]

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Website Content on Computer Screen - Dmac Media

{Video} Why Website Content Is So Important

We often tell our clients that the key to succeeding online comes down to great content.   In this video, Dave McEvoy explores why content is so important and why unique content feeds Google’s true objective – to provide a variety of credible sources of information about a topic, product or service. If your considering copying your […]

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