Google's Core Update Jan 2020 & Search Results Page Update

Google’s Got A New Look for 2020

To quote the great singer Bobby Bare “Things Change. And then, change again.” Most of us are generally never overcome with excitement at the thought of things changing. In fact, most of us are averse to change of any shape or description. However, today sparks yet another change to Google’s Search Results Pages (or S.E.R.P’s […]

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20 things to do in 2020

20 things you should do in Digital Marketing for 2020

As we all slowly come out of our collective festive coma and return to the front line of growing your brand & business, you could be forgiven for wanting to crawl back on the couch with a bottle of Baileys.  How do we blow off the cobwebs and begin to take stock? What’s not working? […]

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6 common blogging mistakes

6 common blogging mistakes and how to fix them

We all know how useful regular blog posts are for your website.  Your clients love them. Google loves them and as you continue to write, a growing audience will love them too.  They really are worth the effort. But you may be making some very simple mistakes that could lose you readers and prevent your […]

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Star christmas lights outside a shop decorated for christmas

Deck your website with boughs of Holly- Tra La La La Lah!

Tis the season of goodwill to all and time to celebrate with joy, jingling tills and happy laughter. With that in mind, here are some easy ways to add a festive feel to your website for Christmas, not forgetting to link to all your Social Media platforms for full effect.  Here are some bright and […]

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Google Chrome’s “Badge of Shame” for slow loading websites.

Googles’ plans to label websites based on load-speed performances and what it might mean for your website. A few weeks ago, the tech giant, Google,  announced at the Chrome Dev Summit in San Francisco their intention to introduce a ‘Badge of Shame’ for slow loading website. This would give users an immediate message that the […]

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How to Add an Image to your Dmac Media Website

We pride ourselves that our website systems are easy to manage and update. For that reason, adding an image to your Dmac Media Website can be done with just a few short clicks.  Once you have chosen the image you would like to add, simply follow the steps outlined below and your new image will […]

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Help! Someone Else Owns My Domain Name

At Dmac Media, we have always stressed the importance of the seemingly humble domain name.  Humble, because its cost is minimal and its true functions are often hidden.  That is, until you run into problems with ownership and renewals. Your domain primarily directs traffic to your website, but it is also your brand name on […]

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How To Add A Page to Your Dmac Media Website

Adding a new web page to your Dmac Media Content Management system couldn’t be easier. In just a few short clicks you’ll add a brand-new webpage to your website which you can subsequently populate with content, media or whatever information you desire. Note: The steps outlined in the following How to Guide relate to a […]

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Smartphone with a folder of social media icons

Social Media Stories for Business Profiles

Stories on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and more are here to stay.  Many users now go their chosen social media platform to view stories and leave without scrolling through any of the organic posts. There are multiple platforms that use stories, but we will focus on Instagram for the purpose of this blog post. Stories are […]

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Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising Jargon Buster

Do you know your CPC from your CPA? How about your pixel from your campaign? Facebook Advert Manager can be confusing enough to navigate without throwing in all the confusing terminology! Have no fear Dmac Media Social Media Marketers are here to bust those digital terms! Facebook Advert Manager terms: Ads manager – This is […]

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