Help! Someone Else Owns My Domain Name

At Dmac Media, we have always stressed the importance of the seemingly humble domain name.  Humble, because its cost is minimal and its true functions are often hidden.  That is, until you run into problems with ownership and renewals. Your domain primarily directs traffic to your website, but it is also your brand name on […]

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How To Add A Page to Your Dmac Media Website

Adding a new web page to your Dmac Media Content Management system couldn’t be easier. In just a few short clicks you’ll add a brand-new webpage to your website which you can subsequently populate with content, media or whatever information you desire. Note: The steps outlined in the following How to Guide relate to a […]

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Smartphone with a folder of social media icons

Social Media Stories for Business Profiles

Stories on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and more are here to stay.  Many users now go their chosen social media platform to view stories and leave without scrolling through any of the organic posts. There are multiple platforms that use stories, but we will focus on Instagram for the purpose of this blog post. Stories are […]

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Facebook Advertisign Under a Magnifying Glass

Facebook Advertising Jargon Buster

Do you know your CPC from your CPA? How about your pixel from your campaign? Facebook Advert Manager can be confusing enough to navigate without throwing in all the confusing terminology! Have no fear Dmac Media Social Media Marketers are here to bust those digital terms! Facebook Advert Manager terms: Ads manager – This is […]

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Wooden Letters forming the word Guest Blogging on a Wooden Table with a Red Cup of Coffee.

Inviting a Guest Blogger to Write for Your Website

We all know how much value is added to your website by having unique and new content added on a regular basis. It is absolute gold for your site, both in terms of reaching your valued clients and in keeping search engines happy.   Blogging is an excellent way to keep your website alive and kicking […]

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Website Content on Computer Screen - Dmac Media

Five Common mistakes that take the Oomph from your website content

The content on your website is vitally important and not just because you have spent ages writing it.  It’s the content of your site that engages potential clients and repeat customers. It is the content that contributes to keeping you high in the search rankings with Google.  Easy functionality is essential. Zippy Design is important, […]

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Moving your Website or Blog to a new domain name

There are lots of reasons why you might want to move your website to a new domain name. Perhaps you have had a revamp, rebrand or a change of focus in your business and the domain name is no longer relevant. An acronym may have seemed like a good idea in the past, but they […]

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Seasonality | Making the Most of your Digital Marketing Budget

The term, Seasonality, is often used by marketing professionals and typically describes a set of recurring sales increases as a result of the changing needs of customers. As the calendar year unfolds, the way we live our lives changes in regular patterns, whether we like it or not. Understanding these changes and predicting when they […]

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