Why are you not responsive?

Does your website do what it should across all devices?  Does it read easy on the eye with clever navigation and the minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling? Is it responsive?


A responsive website has been designed and optimised so that it looks its best on all devices, including mobile screens.  It looks different, but still good, on a tablet and slightly different again on a computer screen. A responsive website literally responds well. Obvious, huh?   So it changes images and font sizes as well as moving items to fit the screen of the user.  Smart eh? 


When we consider that 74% of consumers will only wait a maximum of 5 seconds for a web page to load on their mobile before abandoning the site. (Source: Gomez), then it makes sense to have a responsive website.  Both Obvious and Smart!



There is little point in having an amazing website if it is not displayed well across all devices, mobile phones and tablets as well as on standard desktops.  Adults are now spending at least two and half hours a day on their phone, but the up and coming generation are spending a staggering 11 hours per day! Not all that time is spent Snapchatting and looking for Google map directions to the nearest Pizza shop.  Online shopping is increasingly popular and research online before purchase is the order of the day.  If you are not showing up, smartly, quickly and in an engaging way, across all those screens, you are not giving your brand a fighting chance for their share of the market.


Google loves responsive

Yahoo, Bing and the great market leader Google love responsive websites and while you might not be too impressed with their approval, but when their love brings better rankings on searches, it is time to care.  If Google loves you, it contributes towards being seen.  Keep Google happy.


People love Responsive

Responsive sites have less bounce away and more interactions. It’s a good idea to check your website and test a purchase or a site navigation and see the customer experience. If people cannot read and navigate within the first vital seconds (not minutes!) they click away.  Easy navigation across all devices will keep them browsing.  For a relatively small investment, you could be capturing that audience in the way you first intended when you launched your site. In fact customers tend to hang around on responsive websites longer.


It could save you money.

Pride in your own business and brand dictates that you too will love a responsive site.  Nearly all new website templates have a responsive design built in and developers can, in most cases, make your existing website responsive.   It means less click-aways, more time spent on site and more referrals to other potential clients.


Google Loves Responsive. Your customer loves responsive and You will love it too.  So tell me again why your website is not responsive?










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