Web Design – 3 Questions to ask your web designer

When you are looking for a web designer it can be difficult to decide who to work with. There are literally millions of web developers out there and they all tell you they are the only ones who can deliver for you!

So how do you decide on who your web design genius will be? – I have listed 3 questions below that you should ask any potential candidates that will help you make an more informed decision.

Question 1 – What experience have you with the type of website I want?

Many assume that any web designer can build any website but this is rarely true. Start by describing the type of website design you are looking for and ask for examples of similar work from the web developer.

Is your website just a basic brochure website or is it the next Facebook? Maybe it is just a simple online shop. whichever it is your designer should have 2-3 comparable examples. Experience with your project will stop you becoming a guinea pig for your web developer to improve their skills at your expense.

Question 2 – Do you understand the goals for my website?

After experience, understanding is the most vital element of any web design relationship. If your developer does not understand what you are trying to achieve it is almost impossible for them to deliver a successful website. write out a list of goals for your website (3 maximum) and use them to write a brief outline for your web designer.

This limits the chances of you getting the wrong website.

Question 3 – What are your terms and conditions?

You need to know exactly what rules your developer has before you commit to a project. If they can’t tell what is included in the project and what will cost extra then you need to seriously re-think your decision. You need to have a clear understanding of:

  • Cost per Hour
  • Number of hours initially estimated for the project
  • Domain Name Costs
  • Hosting Costs
  • Extra costs/ features

A good web developer will not only have this information, they will be delighted for you to review it as it leaves no room for misunderstanding. Always ask for terms & conditions.

These three questions will, of course, lead to many more questions but they are a great starting point. It may all sound terribly simple but you would be amazed how many people don’t ask these questions until it is to late.

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