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Upgrading Your Website – Why it’s important

For many companies, the purchase of a new website is classed as a once in a lifetime event. Some liken it to purchasing a car, as they may get 5 to 10 years diving before you need to update.  However, modern technology is moving so fast that a failure to upgrade and update within this time period will leave you in the dark.


In reality, a new website will typically give your 3 to 5 years of quality service before it becomes outdated and staid. It also becomes increasingly likely to break down with the passing years.  Sure, you can update the look and feel of a website, much the same as you may improve your car’s interior however, and under the bonnet that weary old engine has simply become clunky and defunct. Sleek, fast and smooth is the way of the internet now.


Upgrading your website shouldn’t be seen as a torturous experience – it should be celebrated as an exciting experience and a chance to shine a light on the best of your business. By the time it comes to upgrade, you will have benefited from value of your previous investment and so, can look forward to bringing your business successfully into the future. There are a few key considerations you should remember when updating your website:


Fast Load Time
Consumers are a discerning bunch. They know what we want, and they want it now. When it comes to the online marketplace, their attention span becomes minimal at best. Without a fast Quick Website Developmentload time many visitors simply won’t see or stay on your website. Advances in coding and web development mean that websites load speed can be manipulated and refined to meet consumer’s demands. Don’t present your business as a slow starter. Let Dmac Media help you with that first impression.


Higher Levels of Security
Security is the paramount consideration for Irish online shoppers. Online Shopping has seen unprecedented expansion in Ireland over the past decade, and it has now become the norm for most people. Reliable, secure websites generate the most profit, so upgrading your website and integrating with new payment portals such as Stripe, can help turn your new website into a profit making machine.


Mobile Responsiveness
The dreary dulcet tones of dial up internet are now a distant memory. Nowadays the world is literally at consumer’s fingertips thanks to mobile technology. Mobile Friendly WebsitesBut is your Website?
Google recently launched their “Mobile First Index” meaning websites whose content is optimised for mobile will be shown to consumers more often. Upgrading your website can help ensure your customers can see your business first, when searching for your products and services. Learn More about Mobile Friendly Websites…


Design & Usability
You may not realise it but your customers are fickle.  Surveys show that when they arrive at your website, they want to feel they have landed somewhere modern, contemporary and relevant to them. New approaches to web design and layouts coupled with the strategic placement of calls to action, can help buffer customers through the buying process and drive your business forward. Read Our Article on Web Design


These are just a few of the exhaustive list of benefits that updating your business website can bring.  Let us review your current site with a view to a revamp in both appearance and traffic.


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