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Inviting a Guest Blogger to Write for Your Website

We all know how much value is added to your website by having unique and new content added on a regular basis. It is absolute gold for your site, both in terms of reaching your valued clients and in keeping search engines happy.   Blogging is an excellent way to keep your website alive and kicking in terms of content, not to mention the benefits from an Search Engine Optimisation perspective.   But it is not always easy to find time to write blogs and when the actual revenue generating aspect of your business demands all your energy, certain tasks inevitably get put on the end of the ‘to-do’ list. 

But blogs and an updated website ultimately generate income too! There are ways to write blogs quickly and easily.  See our blog on tips for new bloggers which includes advice on titles and ‘listicles’ for the days when you need to get words on paper quickly.  However, you may want to consider that you don’t always need to be the one doing the writing.   Guest blogging is a perfect way to access expert advice and information for your website. Invite a guest blogger to write for your site.  By adding informed content and links to other industry experts, you elevate your own website and make life a little easier at the same time.

Who should be your invited guest blogger?

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Obviously the voice you showcase on your site should reflect your ethos and appreciate the work you do.  You might choose a valued client, an industry expert or an all-round awesome writer to contribute to the regular blog spot on your website.  It will add a new voice, new expertise and bring a whole new readership.  Of course the sneaky people among you are thinking that this is the equivalent of getting someone to do your homework.  It is.  But while someone is doing the homework, you still have to do management, the edits and the organising. But if you have a fear of the blank page and don’t find that words flow too easily, then guest blogging may be just the thing for your website.  The advantages for you is the imparting of new information and the adding of an authentic voice to your website for a minimum amount of effort.

Things to consider before you invite to write.

There are many things to consider when asking a guest blogger to contribute to your site and the management of the publication may take up as much time as actually writing content.    There are a number of things to seriously consider BEFORE you issue the invite.   Does the person share the same ethos and principles as your own Company? Can they actually write? Will they be upset if there is an edit on their work?  For you, retaining editorial control is essential as you may well invite a valued customer or an industry boffin to blog for your page, but find that their information is ultimately incorrect or, horror of horrors, lauds a competitor or a retail item that you actually don’t sell.   Agree the terms before they start writing to avoid embarrassment later. Suggest the topic that is relevant and reaffirming for your business and make full use of the expertise that the guest blogger may have.  Consider whether you can use a hyperlink to the website of the contributor also, as this increases traffic and the search ranking of your own page.  Most of all guest blogging should be seen as collaboration rather than a carte blanch for the writer. 

Guest Bloggers: What is in it for them?   

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So why would another blogger write for your page.  The trick is to make this a win-win situation for you both. Perhaps they have something to sell themselves.  If you stock their product, then a blog which details its amazing properties and the care taken in the manufacture, is a win-win for both of you.  .  For others, you might be able to trade blogs. You contribute to their site and them to yours.  Barter the blog for preferred services or products.  For some of your contacts being asked might just be enough, but it is useful to consider the motivation before you issue the invite.   Links from one site to another does increase the value of both from an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) point of view, so this is absolutely a selling point when inviting your guest blogger.

Reasons why you should accept an invitation to guest blog

I know, first we tell you that guest blogging can take the pressure off you and let someone else do the work while you do the supervising and now we suggest you write for others!  Take a moment to consider the benefits and you may well be rushing to the keyboards.  Guest blogging on other websites demonstrates your expertise and authority and shows that the other site recognises you and your company as someone trustworthy and of note.  By writing in your own specialized area, you build up credibility and reach a new audience.  Building your brand by increasing your exposure is always a positive business move.  You may well attract new leads for your business.  (Google+ is ending or is already gone) Always request a direct link back to your own website so that you can have the full value of the blog writing in terms of website traffic.

Did You Know?

Did you know we regularly provide guest blogs for the website design & digital marketing industry? Speak to us today if you’d like to learn more.

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