Star christmas lights outside a shop decorated for christmas

Deck your website with boughs of Holly- Tra La La La Lah!

Tis the season of goodwill to all and time to celebrate with joy, jingling tills and happy laughter. With that in mind, here are some easy ways to add a festive feel to your website for Christmas, not forgetting to link to all your Social Media platforms for full effect. 

Here are some bright and cheery Ideas for website and social media content that will bring the Christmas spirit to your online presence.   We will delight the Yulephiles (yeah, that’s a thing… people who obsessively love Xmas!) and yet, wont annoy and irritate the Grinch’s (Definitely a thing!).

Festive Ideas

Put a seasonal twist to your website, Facebook, Instagram and your outgoing emails. Christmas greetings are a twofold blessing.  It is an opportunity to send good wishes to all your contacts and to the general public and also to plug your Christmas related products, services and events!  Having said that, it is important to resist the urge to be too commercial and put most emphasis on the goodwill to all men (and women) aspect. Subliminal messaging may have a more wholesome lasting effect than just another thinly disguised commercialised Christmas advertisement. Instead, surprise your site visitors with a customized classic seasonal greeting.  You can download free ones right here or on any number of similar sites.

Go for an image that reflects your regular branding and stay upbeat and cheerful.   If you prefer to be more subtle in your decoration, you can re-brand your logo with a cheeky Santa hat or apply a snow fall to your entire landing page.    For a more reserved approach, you can pop a merry and bright Christmas graphic in the corner of the page, just to show that you are not completely Scrooge-like in this Season of Goodwill. The Christougenniatikophobic (also a name for those who are infatuated with the whole yuletide experience) will appreciate even the smallest effort you make to get on board the yuletide train of happiness.

Ecards for Christmas

For the eco warriors among us, you can save paper and promote a cleaner environment by sending eCards this year. There are a wide variety of eCards to choose from, with dancing elves, singing trees or crackling log fires.  For a more traditional online greeting cards, there is a link for free downloads below, or alternatively, you can get creative with your own personalised Christmas card.

 Schedule merry messages over Christmas Break

Your Seasonal content does not need to end when you have the feet up relaxing over Xmas.  Take time in the run up to the holidays to schedule content on all platforms.  Do not forget all those quiet days after Christmas when people peruse the internet, chomping on the last few Quality Street sweets and planning for the New Year.  You can be ahead of the game by preparing Christmas and New Year themed content in advance – for example,  your Instagram could be scheduled with a new- year cover photo design featuring your business and staff for publication over the mid winter break.  Its might also be a good idea to get a take a cozy, wintry photograph of one of your products and post to all channels. Make sure it is in context, classy and not just a sneaky way to push a product. You are targeting appeal to the ordinary Joe and not just the Whovillians (Urban dictionary name for the Christmas fans who plan for it the whole year) of the world. Hootsuite will assist in getting your festive messages out across all social media platforms easily.  

Finally it remains for all of us in Dmac to wish all Scrooges, Grinches, Whovillians, Christougenniatikophobic and Yulephiles a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

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