The Confessions of a Procrastinator

“Never Put Off Till Tomorrow What You Can Do The Day After Tomorrow Just As Well”

Congratulations you have just gotten the keys to your new website!  All you have left to do is add some pictures and content and we are good to go. 
Sound familiar?


Unfortunately for many people this is where the process fails.  Getting your website is the first step into the world of digital marketing and not the last.


As a self pro claimed procrastinator, I really do understand how easy it is to switch off and forget that you’ve spent a lot of money to get to this point. I hope by reading this blog it might get you thinking about how you can get your website finished.  When faced with a task that takes you outside of your comfort zone it can be painful.

I mean it, it took me 744hrs to write this blog! and it’ll take me another 744hrs to write another one. It’s worth it to give hope to people who for one reason or another have lost touch with their websites and still haven’t “Gone live”.

Your unfinished website is just like that flat pack you bought from IKEA and never assembled!  It sits in your spare room or attic silently judging you! (I hate IKEA it is a world of frustration and too many decisions!)   The only difference is that your website is not in your spare room it is on a server taking up room (you’re most likely paying for) and being slightly less productive than this video about twiddling thumbs….

…for the Procrastinator it’s a must watch.


It doesn’t matter to that static website sitting there all lonely an unloved when you get around to adding website content.  The only person effected by that is you or your business.  The longer it takes you to do your part the more the cost weighs on you.

So what can we do about it.

First things first let’s recall why having a website was a good idea. Take a moment and try and remember back when you made the decision to hand over a large amount of money to a web design company and the reasons leading up to it.


  1. Will it help people learn more about you?
  2. Will it generate more footfall?
  3. Will it make it easier to talk to customers?

Whatever your reasons write them down and put it somewhere you can see it.  This will help you remember the payoff for putting in the effort.


Still Struggling?

If you are struggling to define what you should write for the content of your website, then let me introduce you to the silver bullet! Bullet point that is….


Start by writing a short list of points you want to get across for each page on your site.  Then take each bullet point and write three sub points about each one.  This gives you a basic structure that you can then flesh out.

If that does not do the trick you can always go nuclear and give me a call at Dmac, We will gladly pitch in and get things moving for you.


As soon as you acknowledge the website is back on the agenda we can tackle it together head on. Share this blog or e-mail it to your-self and it will help you remember to do something today. If it was important enough to hand over cash for it’s important to you and your business, why wait?


I am confident that there is at least a handful of people reading this thinking… “Dammit! that’s where I spent that money…the accountant was right…it was me” or even if you’re thinking “I need to do something with getting this site live” we’ve made positive steps.


*Procrastination isn’t a disease…it’s an easy way to put off stuff you need to do. When it comes to your business you need to be making the best of the investments you make.


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