Making sure your website is simple to navigate, simple to purchase from (if you like that sort of thing) and easy to understand should be the most important factors to consider when looking through your website.  If you are not getting top marks in these areas then you need to sit down with us and get to work.  The easier your website is to use the more you will get from it. 

Three key services Dmac Media can deliver outside of rebuilding it from scratch are:

Website Audit 
Using Google Analytics, coupled with Googles fantastic suite of webmaster tools, Dmac Media can deliver insights into how your current customers are finding you and how they behave when they visit your website.  This leads to identifying key changes to make to your strategy and website platform to create more profit per customer visit.

Mobile Optimisation
Making sure your website is mobile ready is now critical to Google Ranking.  As well it should be, with over 60% of your website traffic now coming from mobile devices.  To make sure you are scoring well here, make sure your website is optimised for mobile.  Dmac Media can give you advice and feedback on how to go about this and, if needs be, deliver a mobile responsive website.

Website Restructure
Sometimes a new website is not the answer - shocking , I know!  Sometimes what you really need is to use the platform you have properly.  Dmac Media can deliver training and consultancy on how to better utilise the tools you already have, whether this is re-organising your products to better suit your customers or adding structure to the reams of content you already have.  Before you throw the baby out with the bathwater, see what a little tlc can do for your website.


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