Before you decide what you should be doing, you have to understand who you are trying to target and what the best way to reach them is.  Dmac Media can deliver research and analysis of your market to make sure you are heading in the right direction. 

The key features here are:

Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools 
Using Google Analytics coupled with Google's fantastic suite of webmaster tools, Dmac Media can deliver insights into how your current customers are finding you and how they behave when they visit your website.  This leads to identifying key changes to make to your strategy and website platform to create more profit per customer visit.

Is a globally recognised suite of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)Tools.  It mimics (based on scientific survey) the behaviour of Google and can predict with a surprising degree of accuracy how well your site ranks.  It provides key insights into how your site is making it harder for you to rank well.  Most importantly it allows you to analyse your competition so you can see how to move ahead of them.

Customer Persona Development
The more you know about your ideal customer the better able you are to attract them.  Dmac Media can provide persona research that profiles your most lucrative customer types.  This gives you the background information you need to create appealing content.

Content Calendar Design
Time is short and you need to make sure that every tweet, post or page you create for your site is building your authority and attracting new business.  Dmac Media can develop content calendars which give you a 12month road map to follow.  This keeps your marketing efforts coordinated and effective. 

Keyword Research
Probably the most important part of any digital marketing strategy is the keywords or phrases you are basing your strategy on.  Educated guesses are good but often it is easy to miss the real gems.  Dmac Media use a Google Certified Expert to carry out forensic Keyword Analysis for your market sector on a complete range of keywords.  This creates a concrete basis on which to build your strategy. 


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