Enterprise Ireland Online Retail Scheme

Are you an Irish Owned Retail Business ready to succeed online?

If so Enterprise Ireland’s Online Retail Scheme can help your business grow and flourish.

From Digital Strategy development to enhancing your online presence, the Online Retail Scheme has a total fund of €5.5 million euro to be distributed to Irish businesses.

Do You...

Have an existing online presence
(Website or Social Media)

Derive the majority of your revenue by retailing directly to customers in a retail store  prior to April 4th 2023

Employ at least 10 people on a full time equivalent basis
(on or before April 4th)

If so you might be eligible to receive up to €50,000  to support your business in its quest to enhance your digital capacity and develop a more competitive online offering.

From Research & Consultancy to strategy development and training, successful applicants can receive up to 80% support of their project costs.


Applications Now Open - Start Now

We are happy to help businesses with their application and have had a very strong success rate during previous years. If you would like to avail of the Online Retail Scheme with Dmac Media simply complete the form below. 

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Online Retail Scheme F.A.Q's

Activities & Costs Covered
What Activities are covered under the Online Retail Scheme?

The Online Retail Scheme covers a range of elements involved in developing a sophisticated and transactional online presence including Research, Strategy Development, Implementation of Strategy as well as certain eligible costs. 

What is Classed as "Research" under the Online Retail Scheme?

Research is defined under the Online Retail Scheme as being

"In-depth analysis of the company's current and potential online presence, capabilities, target audience & brand." 

Research activities undertaken as part of the Online Retail Scheme should help the company make informed decisions in relation to:

  • Marketing Channels
  • Web Functionality
  • Payment Systems
  • Catalogue Presentation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Consolidated Inventory Systems
  • Order Fulfilment
  • Consumer Experience
What is covered as "Strategy Developement" under the Scheme?

Strategy Development covers the creation of a written digital strategy and roadmap for implementation.

This can include identifying you company's value proposition and how best to communicate this online, resource & business process considerations, full utilisation of your companies online presence and consideration of Omnichannel offerings such as marektplaces and social media. 

What is covered under "Implementation" under the Scheme?

Implementation under the Online Retail Scheme refers to manual actions relating to your digital presence.

This includes activities such as website enhancement, business process enhancements and search engine optimisation, as well as "back end" system optimisations such as product presentation, supply chain management and systems integration. 

What Costs are covered as part of the Online Retail Scheme?

The Scheme can cover a range of costs incurred by businesses including:

  • Salary Costs of a Senior Project Champion (Manager Level or Above) to work with an external service provider.
    (Max 1 Project Champion per company, salary must not exceed the external service provider costs.)
  • Fees of established external service providers to develop a digital strategy.
  • Fees of established external service provider to further develop/enhance the company's transactional website or online presence. 
  • In-House training fees provided by an external service provider to enable the applicant develop and maintain a robust online retail operation. 
Are there any Ineligible Costs?

Yes, while the scheme is robust, there are a number of costs which are not covered by the scheme. These include:

  • "Business as Usual" upgrades to online channels that would happen anyway. 
  • Hardware Purchases such as laptops, camera's, studio equipment etc. 
  • The Purchase of off the shelf software licenses or subsriptions. 
  • The funding of online advertising schemes. 
  • Offline Marketing Costs e.g. printing, signage, brochures etc. 
  • Training Course fees (unless provided in-house by your chosen external service provider)
  • Any expenditure incurred before the close of the application call. 
Application Process
How Do I Apply for the E.I. Retail Scheme?

Applications are sought during a 30 day period by Enterprise Ireland. When advised, the application is sent directly to Enterprise Ireland. 

Is the Application Process Cumbersome?

The Application Process for the Enterprise Ireland Online Retail Scheme is quite cumbersome. It requires several forms to be filled out and processed. However, the Dmac Media team are on hand to help it be as smooth as possible.

Can You Help with My Application?

Absolutely. Our dedicated Online Retail Scheme Grant Liason is on hand to help you throughout the application process and help you put your best foot forward for approval.

Simply Register Your Interest via the link below and our team will be able help get your application process started. 

Grant Drawdown
How Do I Draw Down the Grant?

Once Approved the grant is drawn down in stages. 


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