Once you have a clear picture of who you should target and what you should say to them Dmac Media can offer the full range of content creation services.  

The key features are...

Content Writing for websites & blogs
Using our very own in house journalist, Dmac Media can deliver well written blog articles or website pages that match the tone and style of your business.  Stella has over 17 years experience writing for a multitude of media organisations she will always deliver something worth reading.

Email Marketing Campaigns
Regular contact with your customers is a great thing, but only if you have something worth talking about.  Dmac Media design and deploy email marketing that will capture your customer’s interest.  From layout & design of each newsletter to the content created for it, a professional newsletter will bring more repeat business.

Social Media Management
Using social media effectively is one of the most challenging aspects of digital marketing.  Most business owners are getting it wrong.  Dmac deliver a combination of staff training and social media content to ensure that you grow your social standing steadily and develop a genuine rapport with your fans.

Graphic Design / Website Merchandising
As the saying goes, “clothes make the man”. You may have the best products and unbeatable prices, but if your online presence is not dressed for success then you are losing business.  Our graphic design team can keep your site updated with eye catching images and advertisements that draw your customer’s attention to your best bits.  If you want to look as successful as you are then you have to invest in the window dressing. 

Google Adwords
Creating a solid Adwords campaign is the fastest way to financial gain for you and your website.  However with the introduction of multiple display networks, remarketing and the 101 other options for your campaigns, it is easy to get lost and worse - lose money.  Dmac Media, working with our Google certified expert, deliver campaign management that responds to your business and generates real revenue.  In some cases this has led to a 10:1 return for our clients. 

Video Production
Online video is everywhere and harnessing the power of Youtube and similar platforms can create a fantastic spotlight for your business.  Dmac Media use a range of video production companies to make sure you can find the style that reflects your business.



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