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Hempseed has been proudly serving as a reputable distributor of quality cannabis souvenir seeds in Ireland since 2010. The seeds are offered exclusively for purposes such as souvenirs, storage, and genetic preservation. As a family-run business, Hempseed passionately advocates for the hemp seed sale industry, ensuring their customers receive the highest standards. They have expanded their operations into both the wholesale and retail markets in Navan, and with their new website, they have ambitious plans to extend their reach even further in the future.
The Brief
The theme revamp involved revisiting the client's previous website, which was built for their indoor gardening supply business using a Dmac CMS. Since the client was already acquainted with this system and desired a similar site, Hempseed's objective was to preserve the functionality while customizing the theme to align with their distinct brand and existing logo. Given the unique nature of their business, Hempseed encountered certain challenges during the search for a suitable payment provider.
What we did
We have built a Dmac V3 Ecommerce+. The product and category display has been modified to display a category landing page on the top tier only, followed by a search page with product filters. To further enhance user experience, we have incorporated useful tools such as a mega menu, image button modules, and a wishlist. Additionally, we have incorporated dashboard user options, including the ability to save multiple delivery addresses during checkout, thereby streamlining the ordering process. For the user’s convenience they offer multiple payment methods such as phone payments, bank transfers, and cheques. This comprehensive approach ensures a smooth and hassle-free ordering experience. All these enhancements have culminated in the creation of a unique, vibrant, and modern website that caters to the needs of the local seed collectors.
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