​“Not only has consumer interest fallen in the new car sector, but the used car sector has also been significantly impacted as consumers postpone their intention to buy a new car. This industry has benefited massively from a growing digital culture and so the digital footprint is an excellent place to track changes within the industry and could help to determine a return future purchasing decisions for the Irish car sales industry.”

“There is no doubt that Irish Auto Trade is suffering right now. Consumer interest has all but disappeared. During the same time period we have seen a huge change in online purchasing behaviour with confidence in online shopping at an all-time high. Recovery in the car sales industry will be evident online before it is seen in dealerships. This year will be extremely tough but the bounce back in 2021 will be significant particularly for those who built on the principles of the digital-dealership. They will be best-placed to prime and pick up sales in the early stages of recovery.”

Dave McEvoy, Dmac Media Director


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