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FIT Group required an intern management portal for Training Providers to manage a list of Employers and Interns. The system was rolled out across Europe and so must have multilingual capabilities and promote the company’s logo and brand identity.

The brief

The system would feature three levels of user: Training providers, Employers and Interns, each with their own level of usability on the system. As the software was to be used across many different countries it should not rely on written communication. Wherever possible, iconography was to be the primary communicator backed up by text. The system was to appeal to people in their mid twenties but keep a simple user interface for the less tech savvy.

What we did

Dmac created a system with the following key features: The system automatically generates assessment forms for both Employers and Interns. Notifications can be sent via email when new forms are available to fill in. Training providers and Employers are able to review assessments and provide feedback via a comments system. The system also included an internal messaging system to facilitate contact/feedback between Training providers and employers. Contracts and a Youth Employ Pass Cert can be automatically generated.

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